2019 Results & Reports(08/11/19)

Buxton 16th June 2019

Heat 1: 762,23,64,271,869,559,347,198,128,135

Heat 2: 64,762,537,271,869,475,347,198,760,128

Final: 64,559,128,762,198,135,475,760,728,218

Kings Lynn 27th April 2019

A very windy night greeted 19 Heritage F2 cars at this amazing track, with the top of the Stox, Formulae o1, and Saloon stox-what could be better?

Aaron Couzens was driving the late Ian Skinner’s (9) car, which he will share with Richie Mead.

Heat One was led away by Dan Jeffrey, 20, but Aaron C soon went past, meanwhile Nick Whitney 773 had a quick spin, then Jack Bunter (128) and Brian Owen (886) hitched up as did Ashleigh Wareham (601) and Ian Thompson (347) but all soon separated. Aaron C was very happy to take the chequered flag

Result 9,537,475,763,135,601,533,23,198,47

Heat 2, with 18 cars-Ian Hoosan had retired with transmission problems, again was led off by Dan Jeffrey (200 whilst Andy Bell (475) driving his dad’s car tangled with Alan Nicholson (198), but Wayne Helliwell(271) was flying, followed by Andy Kaye (533) and Cornwall’s Andy Bateman (763). Ashleigh W (601) collecting a marker tyre on the last bend.

Result 271,763,533,537,773,9,728,135,342,23,128

Final, and still 18 cars saw Andy Bell(475) leading as Aaron C and Giles Carter (47) tangled but Andy Bateman &63) was one the move, and taking a different line took the flag.

Results 763,475,271,135,533,537,601,198,773,47,728

So ended and excellent evening in front of the usual large Saddlebow Row crowd, on the best shale surface in the country, and many thanks to Ross and Ben Taylor(342) for sponsoring the Final.

Swaffham Raceway 28th April 2019

An addition to the fixtures, run under the Rob Speak promotion. First time here on the smooth tarmac track and 17 cars with first timer Richie Mead driving the Ian Skinner (9)car.

Heat one had Vince Manterfield (629) leading and a few laps later Alan Humphrey(253) and Jim Cannon (135) had a spin.

Results 629,559,9,601,271,773,886,342,198,869,728

Heat 2 and still 17 cars running and Vince M (629) and Ross Taylor (342) led. Soon Mike Walmsley(869), Alan N(198) and Gold Finger (773) tangled with the previous two retiring with damage.

Result 629,47,342,135,763,773,601,128,886,347,559

Come the Final it was Richie Mead (9)  led, soon over taken by Ross Taylor(342) who was having his best day for a long time. Nick W (773) retired with broken steering, and soon after Vince M(629), Alan N (198) and Ina J (347) hooked up as later did Alan H (253) and Jim Cannon (135), but not to be denied the win was Giles Carter (47)

Result 47,347,728,763,271,128,886,559,601

So ended a very enjoyable weekend-lets hope it can happen again next year.

Aldershot 7th April

17 Cars arrived for this, the third meeting of the year including another new driver, 629 Vince Manterfield in the ex 676 Steve Bateman car looking outstanding in new colours, and 64 Paul Sykes making his first appearance of the year in the ex Billy Batten replica previously owned by John Graham in another 60s style amazing paint job. 658 Tony Bevan was back out in the 728 Pop aswell as 107 Dan Chiplen having a run around in the 128 Y Type.

Race 1 had 42 Paul Whitman on pole, but 107 Chiplen was soon by in the 128 Shale Car, 135 Jim Cannon and 629 Vince Manterfield soon tangled as experienced campaigners 728 Graham Bunter and 762 Phil Smith both retiring with engine problems, resulting in the end of 762’s day, meanwhile 728 had problems for th remaining races. At this point 47 Giles Carter had charged to the lead followed by John Perrett 580 as 64 Paul Sykes clouted the fence, damaging the timing case, as 47 Giles Carter took the flag.

Result: 47, 580, 869, 773, 128, 559, 198, 886, 107, 760.

Race 2, and down to 13 cars with 762, 64 loading up and 728 sorting a constant misfire. Again Paul Whitman led them off with 107 soon taking the lead. 135 Jim Cannon did a complete 360 spin and got her back on the road without losing a position, and 629 Vince Manterfield spun and soon retired, as did Paul W 42. 773 Nick Whitney was given the flag, but after a stewards enquiry the sresult was put right, with 135 taking the flag with 773 agreeing and handing over the trophy.

Result: 135, 773, 128, 107, 47, 580, 869, 359, 760, 198.

Final time with 580 John Perrett straight to the lead, 760 Howard Cardew and 128 Jack Bunter rubbed nerf rails, as did 869 Mike Walmsley and 773 Nick Whitney with the latter having a punctured tyre leading to his retirement whilst driving well. Once again the fastest man on track was 47 Giles Carter who drove away from the field to take a heat and final double.

47, 869, 559, 107, 128, 580, 135, 886, 198, 629.

Thanks to all who made the trip, next up we’re on the East Coast for a double header, Shale and Tarmac. See you there!

Mick Whitney.

Bristol 24th March

A really sunny day greeted us on this 2nd meeting of the year, with well over 100 cars of all formula in the pits. We raised 21 cars including new boys 458 Tony Bevan in the Graham Bunter pop, 580 John Perrett and a very welcome return to racing to 536 John Ferguson. Father and son Bunter duo were racing and running the meeting, but the Humphreys went one better! With father and two sons out on track!

In heat 1 new boy 580 John Perrett jumped to the lead, but was soon overtaken by 135 Jim Cannon on his home track. 401 Ashleigh Wareham spluttered to a halt with a broken rotor arm,and 342 Ross Taylor getting his usual spin out of the way early in the meeting! JC 135 took the win with 601 Mark Wareham 2nd.

Result: 135,601,763,128,198,773,886,728,49,536.

No 153 Matt Humphrey, 138 John O’Sullivan or 533 Andy Kaye with various mechanical issues hampering there meetings and heat 2, John Perrett 580 led again from the front as home boy 128 Jack Bunter took a spin up the home straight, then on the top bend a mass of cars were collected causing a caution flag, including 314 Paul Bromham, 459 Tony Bevan, 601 Mark Wareham who sustained serious chassis damage, and 763 Andy Bateman. On the restart it was 886 Brian Owen well in the lead, but ‘Goldenboots’ himself 773 Nick Whitney was chasing hard through the field, but it was Brian who took the flag for a well deserved win.

Result: 886,773,580,251,763,342,401,128,198,728

Come the final we were with reduced cars, but it sure did provide some action and exciting racing with once again 580 John Perrett flying to the lead, then Andy Bateman 763 and 342 Rss Taylor spinning and 135 Jim Cannon retiring with a puncture after hitting a tyre damaging his steering. Out front driving a great race was 251 James Humphrey, who took the flag with the rest of the top 5 crossing the line in a pack together! 773 Nick whitney took 2nd, 580 John Perrett taking 3rd on a fantastic first meeting.

Result:  251,773,580,401,128,198,763,886,314,347

That ended a fantastic meeting in glorious weather.

Mick Whit!

Birmingham Wheels report

(Points will be up within 24 hours)

Birmingham Wheels 9th March

A healthy 20 cars arrived on a cool but Dry night for the first meeting of the season, including new boy 135 Jim Cannon in an ex Jason Lamburn Car, and welcome returnee Howie Cardew in the ex Marty Page Mini bodied car.

Heat 1 had 138 John O’Sullivan on pole, but young 401 Ashleigh Wareham soon went by, then Ian Hoosan 807 had a spin. 47 Giles Carter pulled to the infield, , with what looked like severe overheating problems, as well as the severe misfire of 533 Andy Kaye in the ex Keith Passey Mini. Storming from the back for the win was 2018 points Champion 762 Phil Smith.

Result: 762, 23, 401, 198, 559, 601, 773, 886, 128, 869

Heat 2 lined up less 533 and 47 due to car issues, and 135 Jim Cannon soon gyrated, as 601 Mark Wareham went into the lead in the ex Paul Rookyard Y Type, but ended up collecting 537 Charlie Barnes leading to waved yellows. Following the restart 135 Jim Cannon pulled to the infield, but it was 198 Alan Nicholson and 728 Graham Bunter leading the pack home for heat 2.

Result: 198, 728, 762, 773, 869, 886, 401, 559, 128, 23

In the final we lost 135 Jim Cannon, and 537 Charlie Barnes started the race with a spin. John Clements 23 had found the speed and the right line on track to pull away from the field, with some hard fast racing between 762 Phil Smith, 869 Mike Walmsley and 128 Jack Bunter, sharing the bumper paint between them. 728 Graham Bunter retired with a misfire along with 537 Charlie Barnes, 128 Jack Bunter came alive in the last race but didn’t make the flag with gearbox issues, but it was JC 23 who took the flag with 762 Phil Smith taking 2nd from 773 Nick Whitney on the last bend.

Results: 23, 762, 773, 601, 869, 559, 886, 347, 760, 807

With loads of other formulas on the bill, it was a very interesting night at the fast Wheels Raceway, together with an early finish. See you all at Mendips Raceway!

Mick Whitney.