Pennycross stadium Plymouth…….

Speedway first started at this infamous West Country Stadium in 1932. Some 80 years there after, there still remains a speedway team in Plymouth and although the current track is not in the exact historical location, never the less a shale oval remains as the newly named “Plymouth Gladiator Coliseum”.

The front cover of Fridays race program (24/05/2019) remembering the very first speedway meeting in Plymouth.

It wasn’t until the late 1950’s, (some 20 years there after) that a new race car formula the namely “Junior Stock Car Racing” swept across the country and made it to the West Country and featured at the Pennycross stadium.

Last night at the Plymouth Gladiators Coliseum, our very own Alan Humphrey’s, who interestingly enough sponsors the Gladiators was interviewed on the centre green and presented to the crowd and spectators alike the Heritage “Junior Stock Car Racing” formula. In addition to this Alan discussed that a display of cars is very achievable to recreate and reminisce those “Golden years” of Junior Stock car racing in Plymouth………………………

Back in the day at Pennycross.
A full terrace of spectators line the Pennycross track.
Alan Humphrey doing what he does best, promoting our great historical formula.
Historical race winners memorabilia. The late Steve Bateman 676.