Belle Vue. 03/11/2019. Gold Cup. Driver booking.(16/09/19).

The current official grid for the 2019 Gold Cup is listed below. In order to maximise the car count cap, it is essential for all drivers listed below to confirm their attendance at Belle Vue.

If a driver doesn’t wish to, or have no plans to attend can you please notify the Secretary, so the relevant amendments can be made to the grid and reserves called upon. In addition to this, if a driver doesn’t appear in the list below, but still wishes to attend the meeting, please notify the Secretary for inclusion. (A small handicap will apply).

(C)= Confirmed.    

           Inside                                                        Outside
47 Giles Carter                                        271 Wayne Helliwell (C).
198 Alan Nicholson                              773 Nick Whitney
401 Ashleigh Wareham                     580 John Perrett
763 Andy Bateman (C).                      728 Graham Bunter
475 Andy Bell                                          762 Phil Smith
536 John Ferguson                               59 Nigel Finnegan
128 Jack Bunter                                     537 Charlie Barnes (C).
9 Aaron Cozens                                      886 Brian Owen (C).
760 Howard Cardew                          135 Jim Cannon (C).
342 Ross Taylor (C).                             533 Andy Kaye (C).
253 Alan Humphrey (C).                   23 John Clements (C).
49 Paul Ferguson                                  516 Dan Copper (C).


  • 7 Pete Fenton (C).
  • 22 Wayne Pritchard (C).
  • 218 Phil Hiles (C).