2021 Meeting reports. (09/07/21).


Meeting Report-Crimond Saturday July 3rd, Sunday July 4th 2021.

Fourteen Heritage F2 drivers were booked to attend this meeting-the first at Crimond Stock Car Club in Aberdeenshire- but sadly Andy Kaye (533) broke down en route, and Granville Wright (311) failed to show. Jim Cannon debuted his recent acquisition, the former Phil Smith Willie Harrison replica, and Pete Fenton brought his beautiful little Y model coupe for its first outing.

The tricky little track was well suited to the Heritage F2 cars, and some great racing ensued. Unfortunately, Alan Humphrey (553) did not get beyond the first race of the weekend when a halfshaft breakage curtailed his activities, and Brian Owen was also forced to retire with a sheared flywheel. The Saturday winners were Jim Cannon(135) soon in the groove with his new racer, Dan Chiplen (107) in the blue 728 car, and Wayne Helliwell (271a) taking the final.

On Sunday, after a warm dry evening, the weather looked overcast and damp, but the racing was just as good as the rain stayed away. Sadly Pete Fenton (7) could not race due to engine problems, but 9 cars still took part, with Cannon winning the opener, Paul Sykes(64) the second, and Cannon again winning the Final, from a closed grid race. A very friendly track, well run, and lots of interest in the cars. We have an open invitation to return, and would recommend all drivers to have a go even if only once-you won’t regret it.


Ht1 – 135 886 271a 64 7 107 342 157 271 728

Ht2 – 107 135 271a 64 721 157 7 342 728 nof

Final – 271a 135 64 271 342 728 107 157 59 nof


Ht1 – 135 64 342 271a 59 728 107 271 157 nof

Ht2 – 64 271a 135 271 342 59 157 728 107 nof

Munsters Final – 135 64 728 107 271 59 157 342 nof

Taunton June 21st.

The travelling scribe goes onto say…………A good turnout of cars on a somewhat chilly and damp midsummer evening, and enough cars for a 2/3 heat sand Final

Heat one

Dan Chiplen (107) led them away in the original Graham Bunter heritage car followed by Paul Sykes (64)and John Ferg in (536) and that was how the finished

Results. 107, 64, 536, 342, 728, 135, 763, 69, 198, 128

Heat Two

It was new boy Tony (458) Bevan in another Bunter built car that led from flag to flag, a race in which Nigel Finnegan came to grief.

Results. 458, 728, 271, 536, 128, 773, 580, 157

Heat Three

And nit was 157 who led off heat three during which Alan Nicholson (198) and Jim Cannon (135) locked together and ended their race, and a feature was a race long duel between Andy Bateman (763) and Wayne Helliwell(571) who were side by side for the entire race, neither giving and inch.

Results. 64, 342, 271a, 107, 253, 763, 271.


JPF (536) was leading, and then a yellow flag was shown as Graham B (728) locked up with Harry Sloggett(618) on the back straight. On the restart, Wayne H (271a) flew into the lead closely followed by Andy B (763), then 271 punctured trapping Andy B. As Andy B got loose to exit turn 4 Dave Helliwell (271) then, connected and latched onto the rear bumper of Andy B  to collide with the wall as cars were flying everywhere in the Honiton Bend and young Jack Bunter (128) took the initiative and stormed into the lead followed by JPF and Nick Whitney (773)

What an exciting end to an evening’s racing!


128, 536, 773, 198, 580, 157, 533, 253

Kings Lynn  12th June. 

Our trusted scribe, Mick Whitney writes…

Just 12 cars made it to this superbly presented shale track, down from the programmed 16.

Heat one

Returnee Dan Cooper in a good looking Pop bodied car led of on the super smooth shaleway as Ross Taylor(342) pulled off with a misfiring engine, as he was to do in every race. Long distance traveller Andy Bateman clouted the fence breaking his throttle and bending the front bumper ending his race. Jim Cannon(135 was in the lead closely followed by Aaron Couzens on the Ian Skinner (9) car, but going into the final bend with the chequered flag in sight, Nick Whitney (773) stormed round the outside and beat Jim by a bumper-very exciting!

Results. 773, 135, 9, 537, 728, 23, 50, 20, 517

Heat two

Yes, Ross pulled off again and Andy Kaye (533) spun broadside, and Andy B (763) could not avoid him and bent his bumper again, but he carried on with limited steering. At the end Jim (135) got is hands on the chequered.

Results. 135, 9. 50, 728, 23, 773, 763, 533, 20, 517


Ross(342) retired. Dan (517) spun to a standstill and Jim (135 ) also had a 360 degree spin but man on a mission was ex F1 driver Aaron Couzens (9) throwing the Y type into four wheel drifts on the bends with gay abandon! Closing slowly was Andy B (763) but what he gained on the straights Aaron beat him on the bends so Aaron was a worthy winner of the Alf Taylor Memorial Trophy with Andy B 2nd and Wing Commander Bunter (728) in third.

Results. 9, 763, 728, 733, 135, 23, 773, 20.

Skeggy. 30th & 31st May.
A strong field of cars lined up for heat 1 Sunday afternoon with an action packed race,  although some damage for a few cars.
Coming out on top of heat 1 was Mark Wareham closely followed by Phil Smith and Wayne Helliwell  . 
Heat 2 after his teething problems in heat 1 Phil Hiles stormed away at the front of the field and winning by nearly half a lap , followed by Ashleigh Wareham and Giles Carter . 
After losing 5 or 6 cars from heat 1 and 2 there was still a good field lined up for the Andy Webb memorial race , unfortunately in the early stages Giles Carter’s throttle cable snapped , but a cracking battle between Phil Smith , Wayne Helliwell and Mike Walsmley all coming through the field at a rapid pace , only for Wayne to tangle with a back marker leaving Phil to chase Ashleigh down which he did after Ashleigh made an unfortunate mistake allowing Phil to get past her and on the last lap take the lead from her to retain the Andy Webb memorial trophy and Wayne recovering to 3rd place . 
Onto Monday …
15 cars were left for Monday’s meeting. 
Heat 1 saw John Clements come through from his group 3 starting position and take a strong win from Giles Carter and Jim cannon followed up by Giles Carter taking heat 2 from Ashleigh Wareham and Jim Cannon taking 3rd . 
After his disappointment of Sunday’s final Giles Carter followed up with a cracking drive from his lap handicap to take the meeting final from Ashleigh Wareham and a brilliant 3rd place finish for Ritchie Mead . 
Although there was a bit of damage over the weekend the main thing is I hope all drivers and crews enjoyed their time and had a safe journey home and Thankyou for the great turnout.
Words courtesy of Paul N. 
Ed’s note: Many thanks to Paul & Clare for their great work through out the wknd, keeping things “tick tock”…