Bradford 6th November. Driver booking. (18/10/21)

This meeting will stage the World of Shale- Steve Bateman 676 Memorial trophy.

Current holder being Driffields 533 Andy Kaye.

(18/10/21). The personally selected, mighty fine trophies donated from Phil & Vanessa for the great Osdal meeting that is just “around the corner”. A BIG thank you is conveyed for the kind gesture to the formula.

(20/09/21) “Together with the Steve Bateman World of Shale trophy, I (Phil Hickerton) will be supplying trophies for heat one winner, heat two winner and also the first three in the above final.

It would be great to see twenty plus of our cars around this famous track, if it can be more, that would be even better. We are really looking forward to meeting up with you all on the day, it’s been a while! So get the car out of the garage ready to go, no excuses, you have over a month to prepare! See you there“.

Ed’s note: A really generous  trophy suite donation by Phil Hickerton who has recently “hung up the helmet”. Many thanks are conveyed to Phil for this.

  • 218 Phil
  • 533 Andy
  • 157 Mark
  • 57 Roger
  • 135 Jim Mc C
  • 342 Ernie
  • 271 Wayne
  • 773 Nick
  • 763 Andy
  • 59 Niggi 
  • 7 Pete (tbc)
  • 23 JC
  • 537 Charlie
  • 198 Alan
  • 28 Dan
  • 253 Alan
  • 886 Brian
  • 271 Wayne
  • 271a Dave (tbc)
  • 47 Giles
  • 49 Paul