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There are many sites where you can read about the conception of Stockcar racing, so we will not try to compete with their superior recollection of how things were in the Fifties.

It is suffice to say that half a century later two bodies started to race historic Stockcars, they were BriSCA Heritage and Spedeworth Thora. Each body had two Formulas, F1 and F2.

At first BriSCA and Spedeworth raced entirely independent of each other, mostly as demonstration races or as an added attraction, but as time went on the racing became more competitive, so to boost numbers on the track they invited each other to race at their individual meetings.  At that time there was a feeling on both sides of the fence of them and us, with great rivalry on track.  Thank goodness those days are over!  

By the year 2007 the two groups of Formula 2 cars were racing regularly together and new friendships developed, them and us had disappeared, we both seemed as one but we still had different licensing bodies, Spedeworth and BriSCA. 

For the start of the 2010 season it was decided we should share a common licence and be called HERITAGE F2 STOCK CARS. 

So here we are and no longer is it demonstration racing, it is fast and furious very competitive with a good bit of contact, the cars are old as are some of the drivers but the spirit is young, it is comparatively inexpensive and it is great fun.  Come and join us

If you would like to race and need more information please don’t be afraid to ask.

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