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Bradford 6th November. Driver booking. (20/09/21)

This meeting will stage the World of Shale- Steve Bateman 676 Memorial trophy.

Current holder being Driffields 533 Andy Kaye.

(20/09/21) “Together with the Steve Bateman World of Shale trophy, I (Phil Hickerton) will be supplying trophies for heat one winner, heat two winner and also the first three in the above final.

It would be great to see twenty plus of our cars around this famous track, if it can be more, that would be even better. We are really looking forward to meeting up with you all on the day, it’s been a while! So get the car out of the garage ready to go, no excuses, you have over a month to prepare! See you there”.

Ed’s note: A really generous  trophy suite donation by Phil Hickerton who has recently “hung up the helmet”. Many thanks are conveyed to Phil for this.

  • 218 Phil
  • 533 Andy
  • 157 Mark
  • 57 Roger
  • 135 Jim Mc C
  • 342 Ernie
  • 271 Wayne
  • 773 Nick
  • 763 Andy
  • 59 Niggi (tbc)
  • 7 Pete (tbc)
  • 23 JC
  • 537 Charlie
  • 198 Alan
  • 28 Dan
  • 253 Alan
  • 886 Brian
  • 271 Wayne
  • 271a Dave (tbc)

Bradford 16th October(Provisional) No longer available. (16/09/21)

Unfortunately this provisional fixture meeting date at Bradford on the 16th of October is no longer availableThe formula can now look forward to the two remaining shale fixtures.

  • Bradford on Saturday 6th November. (Steve Bateman memorial), hosting an end of meeting firework spectacular.
  • Sheffield on Sunday 7th November. Also featuring a firework spectacular to bring the formula’s 2021 calendar to a close.

Heritage f2 drivers head to Cowdenbeath…………….(29/08/21)

Last night (Saturday 28th August) the heritage formula made the annual trip to the very popular Cowdenbeath Stadium, “North of the border”.  It’s a real credit to all the drivers and teams that made the trip to present the formula to the Scottish aficionados. 

Race winners include:

  • Heat 1 . 533 Andy Kaye
  • Heat 2. 157 Kevan Woollas
  • Final.     135 Jim Cannon
  • Helter Skelter. 135 Jim Cannon. 

The group of  “likely lads” out to have some fun……….

West Country Tour 2021 concludes. (22/06/21)

(22/06/21) Last night at Taunton’s ever impressive Smeatharpe stadium saw the concluding meeting for this years West Country Tour.  Autospeed would like to pass on it’s thanks for all drivers in travelling the distance to support the weekend.

In addition, the ever present outstanding support of “the formula community” who helped those that needed help to keep cars running and on track thus maximising the enjoyable weekend for all. Proper!

On track for the first time in 2021.(21/04/21)

 The weekend of the 17th and 18th of April welcomed the first two meetings for the heritage formula in 2021 and in fact, for almost 10 months.

The first of which @ Birmingham Wheels on the Saturday night, (17th). Details are limited but race wins for (heat 1) Dan Chiplin 107, (heat 2) John Clements 23 and Mark Foster 500 for the final win.

On Sunday the 18th, the Mendips raceway, bathed in glorious sunshine held it’s “spectator free” meeting for the formula.  The images below (courtesy of Cragrat race pics & George Rimmer) shows the “Motley Crew” in attendance.

Race wins for Mark Foster 500 (heat 1), Ernie McTaylor 342 (heat 2), Brian Owen 886 for the final and Fergie 536 (Heltor Skeltor). It is believed Brian Owen had a memorable trip in the pace car with the chequereds!!??   And what a cracking day it was too.?

(Click on the images to expand).

The “Doc”  Mr Brian Owen 886 fist pumps after “smashing” the final at the sun baked Mendips raceway on a glorious Sunday afternoon. 🙂

Congratulations to all and it is hoped every driver went home smilin..!!?

2021 Fixtures update….(20/09/21)

At a time when the fixture list is still in a state of “flux” the below meetings can now be added to the website. (Please be mindful that things may change as we progress through the year).

In view of this year, the committee are unanimous, with it’s aim to bring the formula back together, creating meeting opportunities for all, to get cars back on track, with the focus on “Racin for fun”.   The 2021 fixture list, in honour, will contain only those “Memorial meetings”, with the remaining “title” meetings carried over to 2022.  In addition to this, each meeting will be a “points” free meeting.

Sat 17th April Birmingham....(PROV)      6.00pm
Sun 18th April Bristol 1.00pm
Sun 30th May Skegness(Andy W Mem') 1.00pm
Mon 31st May Skegness 1.00pm
Sat 12th June K Lynn(Alf Taylor Mem') 1.00pm
Sun 20th June St. Day 1.00pm
Mon 21st June Taunton 7.00pm
Wed 30th June Eastbourne. (Pete W Mem') 6.00pm
Sat 3rd July Crimond 4.00pm
Sun 4th July Crimond 12.30pm
Sun 18th July Hednesford 1.00pm
Mon 26th July Onchan....(PROV) 7.30pm
Thu 29th July Onchan....(PROV) 7.30pm
Sat 31st July Onchan....(PROV) 7.30pm
Sun 15th Aug Hednesford 12 noon
Sat 28th Aug Cowdenbeath 6.00pm
Sat 18th Sept Birmingham 6.00pm
Sat 16th Oct Bradford....(PROV) 6.00pm
Sat 6th Nov Bradford.(S.Bateman mem') 6.00pm
Sun 7th Nov Sheffield. 1.30pm