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Belle Vue. 03/11/2019. Gold Cup. Driver booking.(16/09/19).

The current official grid for the 2019 Gold Cup is listed below. In order to maximise the car count cap, it is essential for all drivers listed below to confirm their attendance at Belle Vue.

If a driver doesn’t wish to, or have no plans to attend can you please notify the Secretary, so the relevant amendments can be made to the grid and reserves called upon. In addition to this, if a driver doesn’t appear in the list below, but still wishes to attend the meeting, please notify the Secretary for inclusion. (A small handicap will apply).

(C)= Confirmed.    

           Inside                                                        Outside
47 Giles Carter                                        271 Wayne Helliwell (C).
198 Alan Nicholson                              773 Nick Whitney
401 Ashleigh Wareham                     580 John Perrett
763 Andy Bateman (C).                      728 Graham Bunter
475 Andy Bell                                          762 Phil Smith
536 John Ferguson                               59 Nigel Finnegan
128 Jack Bunter                                     537 Charlie Barnes (C).
9 Aaron Cozens                                      886 Brian Owen (C).
760 Howard Cardew                          135 Jim Cannon (C).
342 Ross Taylor (C).                             533 Andy Kaye (C).
253 Alan Humphrey (C).                   23 John Clements (C).
49 Paul Ferguson                                  516 Dan Copper (C).


  • 7 Pete Fenton (C).
  • 22 Wayne Pritchard (C).
  • 218 Phil Hiles (C).


Stoke. 5th October. North Vs South. Driver booking.(13/09/19).

The annual end of season North Vs South team cup is a great meeting to have as this years fixtures draw to a close.

It has to be now the seventh or eight year in succession for the heritage formula, as this style of meeting was common place around the ovals of the UK since the 70’s and generated some great competition. It is with this in mind the formula carries on this tradition to generate an enjoyable evening at the Chesterton shaleway.

“North Vs South team Championship” Brisca Heritage “Juniors”.

The origins of stock car team racing as remembered through the then young lads’ eyes of Phil Hiles.

As a child brought up on F1 & F2 stock cars in the early seventies, my very first memories are of being in the pits, listening to the good bit of banter between some of the drivers , and of course the rivalry.  Being from Bradford, only a stone’s throw away from the Odsal stadium, my father would race as often as possible and even travelling a bit north and south.

At the beginning of the seventies promoters like Mike Parker, hosting numerous tracks like Nelson , Blackburn ,White city , Rochdale, Doncaster and last but not least Stoke, many of those meetings attracted considerable sponsorship, by many a varied high profiling company, this included, British airways to Player No10 cigarettes.

 Aligned with this, trophies were up for grabs, for example  the Northern rose bowl championship & Southern bowl championship provided tremendous racing and competition , for which there was a definite amount of “one up man ship” if a southern driver would take the North bowl away with them after a nights racing, and visa versa.

In addition to this there were also Midlands’s cups even Yorkshire & Lancashire bowls emerged.  Drivers with the likes of Al Barker, Frankie Wainman (smiler), John Hillman, Willie Harrison would defend their county from the likes of Doug Cronshaw, Stuart Smith, Graham Blundell and Len Wolfenden.   Additionally all the great “southern based” drivers add to the blend of great racing of that era  with the likes of Dave Chisholm, Brian Powells, Ray Leigh, Hoss  Fernihough, Sugar Shergold and Allan England  all contesting for these Northern and Southern bowls .

It is with this kind of stock car heritage that    the Brisca heritage F2’s (Juniors) are staging in the resurrection of this style of sportsman ship racing at this meeting at Stoke, “tut North versus the South”.  Although there is no major sponsorship organised or major rose bowl up for grabs, racing is for fun, it will still be competitive and very much wheel to wheel as so typical to the Chesterton shale way, an excellent racing experience for both the driver and spectator alike.

The highly prized N Vs S Trophy

(J) Denotes double point scorer “Joker”.

  • 7 Pete Fenton. (N).
  • 20 Dan Jefferies. (N).
  • 22 Wayne Pritchard. (S & J).
  • 23 John Clements. (N).
  • 47 Giles Carter. (S). tbc
  • 59 Niggi Finnegan. (N).
  • 89 Chris Turley. (S).
  • 135 Jim Cannon. (S).
  • 198 Alan Nicholson. (N).
  • 218 Phil Hiles. (N).
  • 253 Alan Humphrey. (N & J).
  • 251. James Humphrey. (S).
  • 271 Wayne Helliwell. (N).
  • 342 Wee Ernie Mc Taylor. (N)
  • 401 Mark Wareham. (N).
  • 517 Dan Cooper. (N).
  • 533 Andy Kaye. (N).
  • 601 Ashleigh Wareham. (N).
  • 676 Mark Foster. (N).
  • 763 Andy Bateman. (S)
  • 773 Purely Golden. (S)
  • 886 Brian Owen. (S).

2019 AGM date confirmed.(08/09/19)


  • Arrive @ 10.00 or before for a 10.30 start prompt. Tea’s n coffees’ served inline with previous years.
  • Lunch is @ 1.00pm prompt.


In negotiations with Barston Lakes, with thanks Brian O has been able to secure the following meal discounts:  (The menu will be posted here shortly).

  • Main (M) course only  @ £12.95. (Once chosen cannot be changed).
  • Main and either starter(MS) or desert(MD) @ £16.95.
  • Starter, main and desert(SMD) @ £17.95.

In line with previous years and with the partnership of Barston Lakes, the 2019 AGM date can now confirmed to be 17th November 2019.

West Midlands Golf Club
Marsh House Farm Lane
West Midlands
B92 0LB

Exact AGM timings will be confirmed, but currently a mid morning arrival & refreshments followed by the AGM should be expected. There after the restaurant will be serving traditional Carvery and Sunday lunches.

With this in mind and in order to massively aid the venue hosts with the head count for the restaurant, please confirm with the formula secretary if you would like to eat in the restaurant, in line with previous AGM’s.  A block booking/ head count will then be forwarded to the venue. 

Sunday Lunch reservation.

Graham, Jack, Alan H (M), Nick & Mick (MD x 2), Andy B (M),

Brian O.

Giles (M x 3 & Veg x 1).


Cornwall live article on Road rage pensioners…….. :-) (15/07/2019).

An article put together by Cornwall live media, which features, Alan Humphrey, Paul Ferguson and Alan Nicholson makes for an interesting read, that’s for sure whilst generating some fantastic publicity for our formula.

Ed’s note: A real credit to the gentlemen concerned.

Double click on the link below and the article will automatically open.

Pennycross stadium Plymouth…….

Speedway first started at this infamous West Country Stadium in 1932. Some 80 years there after, there still remains a speedway team in Plymouth and although the current track is not in the exact historical location, never the less a shale oval remains as the newly named “Plymouth Gladiator Coliseum”.

The front cover of Fridays race program (24/05/2019) remembering the very first speedway meeting in Plymouth.

It wasn’t until the late 1950’s, (some 20 years there after) that a new race car formula the namely “Junior Stock Car Racing” swept across the country and made it to the West Country and featured at the Pennycross stadium.

Last night at the Plymouth Gladiators Coliseum, our very own Alan Humphrey’s, who interestingly enough sponsors the Gladiators was interviewed on the centre green and presented to the crowd and spectators alike the Heritage “Junior Stock Car Racing” formula. In addition to this Alan discussed that a display of cars is very achievable to recreate and reminisce those “Golden years” of Junior Stock car racing in Plymouth………………………

Back in the day at Pennycross.
A full terrace of spectators line the Pennycross track.
Alan Humphrey doing what he does best, promoting our great historical formula.
Historical race winners memorabilia. The late Steve Bateman 676.


A press day was held @ St.Day raceway Cornwall this morning, as the track promotion, Autospeed were given notice that their lease renewal wasn’t going to be automatic and the land owned by Cornwall County Council, would put out to tender. (It has to be added there is mining interest in this particular area).

A press meeting was called to celebrate 50 years @ United Downs, but obviously the possibility of it being their last year came up. Nine local drivers across a multitude of formula attended today, which included our very own Alan Humphrey and ye’ ol’ Y Type. The majority of attendees were interviewed and an article has gone out on BBC Spotlight (local news) tonight. The initial feedback from the Press is that they fully support the facility and can’t understand why it should go. Time will tell?

Ed’s note. Well done Alan for supporting the Press day and again continually raising the profile of Heritage Stock car racing.

Earlier today @ United Downs Raceway a press day celebrating 50 years of oval motorsport.