Driver Profile – Graham Bunter

IMGP6355Driver Profile

Name and number: Graham Bunter 728

Year of birth: 1949

Family: Wife Pat, sons Alan and Jack

Occupation / Trade: Printer/Promoter

Home town: Sherborne, Dorset

1st ever stock car meeting: Larkhill Stamium Yeovil 1956

How did you become interested: Loved the noise, the lights, the dust, the colours!

First time you raced and what was it: Formula two Junior Stock Car April 1968, Matchams Park Stadium

First win in motorsport: Heat Win 1972

Any other motorsport experience other than stockcars: Raced a couple of Bangers 1968/69, and had a couple of F1 stock car races in borrowed cars.

Favourite old time track: Newton Abbot

Current favourite track: Eastbourne

All-time favourite f1 driver f2 driver: Rob Speak

Other racing involvement: Promoter at Mendips Raceway, Secretary Brisca F2 (1979-date), Brisca F2 Licencing officer(1994-date), Saloon Stock Car Licencing Officer(ten years), Chairman of ORCI(two two year terms), Secretary ORCI (eight years) Partner in unloaded
7.3 magazine, ORCI Accident investigator.

Top drink / meal: My wife’s Beef Sunday Roast and a glass (or two) of Merlot

Other interests: Old Tractors and cars, Hay and Cider making.

Favourite musician / band: Beatles

Top TV / film: Rain Man

First road car: Ford Anglia E04A

All-time favourite holiday destination: Cyprus

What you would like to see to improve our sport: More drivers and less attitude!

Favourite Image of your car: I’ll have to find one