Driver Profile – Howard Cardew

HowardDriver Profile

Name and number: Howard Cardew 760

Year of birth: 1958

Family: Wife Rea , son Adam and daughter Jessica

Occupation / Trade: HGV Driver

Home town: Banbury

1st ever stock car meeting: Wimbledon 1979

How did you become interested: Taken by friends.

First time you raced and what was it: Banger 105E

First win in motorsport: Banger figure of eight Oxford Stadium 1985
Hf2 Birmingham wheels March 2012

Any other motorsport experience other than stockcars: as above

Favourite old time track: Coventry

Current favourite track: Coventry

All-time favourite f1 driver f2 driver: Andy Smith Gordon Moodie

Other racing involvement: keen Drag racing enthusiast

Top drink / meal: Guinness/ Steak & chips

Other interests: Fishing / golf / country & western

Favourite musician / band: Garth Brooks

Top TV / film: good bag ugly / scrapheap challenge

First road car: Ford Thames Van

All-time favourite holiday destination: Gran Canaria

What you would like to see to improve our sport: more publicity less friction