Driver Profile – Pete Fenton

New BrightonDriver Profile

Name and number: Pete Fenton 7

Year of birth: 1961

Family: yes, daughter Georgia 15 son Dylan 13 partner Brenda

Occupation / Trade: was motor mechanic but now driver

Home town: Middleton, Manchester

1st ever stock car meeting: Belle Vue 1994

How did you become interested: my dad

First time you raced and what was it: 1987 and Brisca f2

First win in motorsport: 1987

Any other motorsport experience other than stockcars: no

Favourite old time track: belle vue

Current favourite track: Coventry

All-time favourite f1 driver f2 driver: I like them all

Other racing involvement: f2/ f2 outlaw and f1 heritage

Top drink / meal: Newcastle brown and fish and chips

Other interests: festivals/ outdoor events

Favourite musician / band: the rolling stones

Top TV / film: the good the bad and the ugly

First road car: 105 e Anglia with a 1500 gt

All-time favourite holiday destination: n/a

What you would like to see to improve our sport: better burger vans