Driver Profile – Wayne Helliwell

Name and number: Wayne Helliwell 271a

Year of birth: 1974

Family: WIFE: Joanne, Kids jack and Jessica

Occupation / Trade: WHR fabrications is my business

Home town: Milnrow Rochdale

1st ever stock car meeting: can’t honestly remember, must of been when I was a nipper

How did you become interested: Dad RACED F1 &F2 STOCK CARS So just a natural progression

First time you raced and what was it: 1985? New Year’s Day @ long Eaton in MINISTOX

First win in motorsport: MINISTOX RACE AT Long Eaton

Any other motorsport experience other than stockcars: MINISTOX, FORMULA 2 & F1 STOCK CARS, Ferrari 360 challenge @ goodwood, built the stockcar

Favourite old time track: OLD BELLVUE & Coventry F1, Crewe & st day f2

Current favourite track: Kings Lynn (SHALE) ,St day & Barford (TARMAC)

All-time favourite f1 driver f2 driver: STUART SMITH 391 & Rob speak 218

Other racing involvement: a bit

Top drink / meal: Guinness,JACK DANIELS , t bone STEAK , chips, fried egg, mushrooms & onions

Other interests: Music,

Favourite musician / band: Jimi Hendrix , FOO FIGHTERS , Cream

Top TV / film: , the sopranos, the green mile

First road car: Black Austin Metro

All-time favourite holiday destination: DAYTONA ,FLORIDA

What you would like to see to improve our sport: Oh I’ve a list!