Profile – Lyn Owen

11133768_354876938051135_8417702241399908888_nNon-Driver Profile

Name and number: Lyn Owen, wife of Brian Owen 886

Year of birth: 1955

Family: husband, 3 children & 4 grandchildren

Occupation / Trade: Receptionist, CRC & Probation Service

Home town: Leamington Spa

1st ever stock car meeting: Long Eaton 1974

How did you become interested: taken on a ‘date’ by Brian Owen!

First time you raced and what was it: n/a

First win in motorsport: n/a

Any other motorsport experience other than stockcars: n/a

Favourite old time track: Monmore Green

Current favourite track: Coventry

All-time favourite f1 driver f2 driver: F1 -Frankie Wainmain Junior – F2 Gordon Moodie (sorry Brian had to put Gordon, he’s better than you!!)

Other racing involvement: BRISCA F2, F2 Outlaws, F1 stock cars

Top drink / meal: Onion Bhaji & Chicken Tikka Biryani washed down by a diet coke

Other interests: Music, reading, travelling and sleeping

Favourite musician / band: Runrig

Top TV / film: Witness starring Harrison Ford

First road car: Metro

All-time favourite holiday destination: New Zealand

What you would like to see to improve our sport: drivers ‘driving for fun’ – it’s the competing not the winning!!