Poems by James Pratt

Stock Car Engineer

I’ve looked at induction RAMS

Considered high lift CAMS

Pondered duration too

Attention to detail is key

Much more now I can do

The block now +60 overbored

Such volume increase not ignored

Conrods aligned like new

And finely balanced too

The crank reground and polished fine

This can take a lot of time

Pistons lightened and balanced carefully

Time wisely spent gives consistency

The ports reprofiled, and opened out

Pure benefits gained without a doubt

The sump increased and baffled too

Oil pump is modified and new

Flywheel refaced and lightened to improve

Torque and acceleration on the move

Valves profiled and polished bright

Then lapped to work air tight

Block degreased, oil-ways blown through

Crank is balanced pre assembled too

Built with care, attention throughout

Producing power, and torque, no doubt

By James Pratt. Heritage F2 Driver (494)

Stock Car Racer

They say we are obsessed with speed,

Adrenaline junkies all the way,

We just crave excitement,

Entertainment on the day.

We share a noble heritage,

With bootleggers (long ago),

After night time liquor deliveries,

Stock car racing they would go!

Today we have progressed apace,

Development is clear too see,

Perfected for the job at hand,

Evolved through history.

Commitment we have aplenty,

Determined are we too,

When all seems very hopeless,

Succeed is what we do!

People say we are amateurs,

Since money is not king,

We simply love to race,

And here the engines sing!

By James Pratt 2013 – Heritage racer (494)

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