ORCi Rule Updates

Please visit http://orci.co.uk/Technical.aspx for the latest safety regulations.

7th of January 2016 a “health and safety” bulletin has been released  by the ORCi  with immediate effect. Can all drivers please familiarise themselves with this bulletin.

Please click on the link below http://www.orci.co.uk/news/2016/01/ORC-Statement.aspx

Feb 2012 –

Cut of switches.  It is intended to standardise the position of all cut off switches across a formula at some time in the future so that if its necessary for a marshall to turn off a car they would know exactly where the switch is and not hunting around for it. This season when the car is scrutineered hopefully the first time  a sticker will be fixed to the body of the car showing where in that car the switch is . Please make sure your switch works and is in the negative side of the circuit.

Raceware.  Overalls balaclava and gloves  are all to be of fire retardant materials  Nomax  and Probane are the common brand names. Overalls with rips  tears and holes wont be permitted,  The only time  you may wear any thing else  is for wet weather This must be worn over and not instead of your overalls.  The wearing of coats and jackets during racing is going to be actively discouraged So on a cold day wear another layer under your overalls and not over them.

Licences must have an up to date photo in them, there were at least 2 who despite numerous reminders didnt stick one in.   I know who you are and if its your licence but a meeting steward or anyone else wanting to check a licence wouldn’t.